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Fandom: Star Wars
Over The Hills And Far Away
Summary: AU. Anakin discovers Sidious' plans and decides to twart him any way he can. That means being his prisoner. He asks Obi-Wan to take care of Padmè then swears he will find them. This is his journey through the galaxy and his soul to find his family.
Rating: Teen+ for some mild curising and some very mild references to sex.
Charachters: Anakin Skywalker. Padmè Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, Darth Sidious (mentioned), Luke Skywalker, Leia Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Many OCs.
Timeline: Empire Era. Starts in the middle of Episode III, goes AU from there on, jumps seven years ahead.
Status: Completed - Publication in progress.
Total Chapters: 38

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Fandom: Castle
Rebel Becks Is A Punk Rocker
Summary: from a prompt on castlefanficprompt. “
While snooping around her closet, Castle finds some mementos of Beckett's wild child fase, like old punk and heavy metal bands t-shirts, concert tickets stubs, photos and anything in between.
One Shot
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Castle Fanfiction: Rebel Becks Is A Punk Rocker (One Shot)

Summary: from a prompt on castlefanficprompt. “While snooping around her closet, Castle finds some mementos of Beckett's wild child fase, like old punk and heavy metal bands t-shirts, concert tickets stubs, photos and anything in between.

But considering I was in love with the whole idea of the CBGB since I saw that episode in Gilmore Girls and I cried when it closed and I never had the chance to see it, I’m adding a little bit of meta here. References to Patti Smith’s final concert at CBGB in October 2006. And this whole thing came out because I found the bootleg for that concert. Also, first attempt at Castle fanfics. I write about Star Wars usually, this is totally out of my comfort zone, except for the subject.
Set in Season 5, after Secret’s Safe With Me but before Reality Star Struck.

Rebel Becks Is A Punk Rocker

He wasn’t snooping around her closet. He was looking for a t-shirt he knew he had left at her place the other week, just something to sleep in, but he didn’t know where she had put it.

And not wanting to bother her while she was showering, he was looking for it by himself: rummaging into her closet, through her clothes and other stuff.

Even if he had already found said t-shirt, he kept going through the infinite array of induments Kate Beckett owned, recognizing some of those she wore at work, some other she used to wear around the house and even stuff he had never seen, like an old, tattered and definitely abused X-Men t-shirt turned into a tank top. He smiled when he saw that poor thing, neglected nearly at the bottom of her closet, possibly forgotten. It looked like it had survived the bombing of her apartment and the subsequent incursion of the fire fighters, but it was barely wearable and he was sure she kept it only as a keepsake.

But there was something beneath it. A plain cardboard box, almost hidden under a pile of old shirts, like the X-Men one, too brittle to wear.

Castle smiled mischievously at the thought it might be the famous box from her “kinky past” she had mentioned a some time earlier and since he could hear the shower still running, he decided to attempt a blitz to the box before Kate could get out of the bathroom and get annoyed with his snooping.

The first thing he noticed when he pulled it out of the closet was the weight: that box was heavy, and the reason for its weight was evident when he pulled the lid away. There was a black leather motorcycle jacket inside. The leather was thick and supple, with creases here and there due to heavy use. He couldn’t help but notice the presence of some rows of square steel studs on the shoulders and on the lower hem, clearly added by a not so expert hand, as some were missing, creating a messy pattern all over the jacket. There were pins all over the lapels, some of them looked like vintage pins from the 70s, from long deceased bands like The Dead Boys and Sex Pistols, but the bigger surprise came when he turned it around and saw a huge back patch with the cover art of The Clash’s London Calling album on it.

Wow, Kate Beckett liked classic punk rock!

Careful not to tear out more studs or ruin the already old pins, he placed the jacket on the bed beside him and went back to the contents of the box. There were t-shirts from more or less famous bands, some he recognized, like Pearl Jam, Metallica - oh, he could totally picture young Kate headbangning the hell out of Master Of Puppets -, Blondie, The Clash (again), a signed, evidently never used Bruce Springsteen’s white t-shirt from the Born In The USA era, two different designs for The Ramones and one of The Pretenders, Kiss and stuff like that… and some he didn’t recognize like S.O.D., Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, Death - who the hell could call a band Death? - he wondered and The Exploited. He was a little bit let down by the total absence of some classic rock acts like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, but he hoped those shirts were too battered by heavy use even to act as a keepsake.

But when he finally reached beneath the last Nine Inch Nails tank top, this one in a much better condition than the X-Men one, he found a small treasure made of concert ticket stubs and photos taken probably at said concerts.

There were probably fifty stubs if not more, of different ages and venues and he picked a handful of them. Some of them were so old that she had probably gone to said concerts with her parents, and he was slightly shocked to see a really, really old one from Peter Gabriel’s Secret World tour at Madison Square Garden, dated 1994 when she was 14. Rummaging a little more he found two identical stubs, probably for her parents. He chuckled at the idea of 14 years old Kate Beckett going with her parents to that kind of concert, but he couldn’t figure if she had to go with them because they didn’t want her to stay at home alone or if she did want to come with them because she actually liked Peter Gabriel’s music. Considering the contents of the box, he found it hard to believe it was the latter option, but the evolution of her musical tastes, as far as he knew, definitely pointed to that direction.

He’d have to ask her for a confirmation.

He marveled at the amazing “archeological findings” of that box, it was like opening a time capsule made of names on thick paper. There was a number of underground acts that with the years became bigger and bigger, like a really old one for Green Day, two for The Offspring, four tickets for Blondie (she did like the new wave scene, apparently), a number for Patti Smith, two more for Bruce Springsteen and more and more for heavy metal acts he had absolutely never heard of, like Hypocrisy, Wintersun, Dark Tranquillity, Lacuna Coil (those, he had heard. And appreciated… the frontgirl more than the music but… you know…). There was even one that came from Ukraine, at least he thought so, since it was written in cyrillic. The name and date were obviously unreadable to him, but he found it cute that she kept all those mementos of her rebel side.

Suddenly he remembered something Madison had said when they had met two years before: that Kate was indeed a rebel. But he’d never picture Kate Beckett being so rebellious. He never thought that Rebel Becks was a punk rocker. Or a metalhead, to be sincere. There were pictures of her at various ages, probably from teenage, considering the height and build, to mid-twenties, some of them he could actually match to other pictures of her he had seen around. One was definitely taken during her time as a rookie cop, he recognized the tight, forced smile and the airstyle from the picture Royced had showed him, and she looked like she was having a lot of fun somewhere in a dark room with the only light coming from the stage behind her. The flash of the camera made the studs on her jacket, the same jacket that now lay beside him, shine. It was weird, funny and refreshing.

He had been right, that night in LA. Kate Beckett was a mistery he was never going to solve, and he liked it that way.

Then, while he went through more photos, he found one stapled to a ticket. At the sight of the name and the date and the venue, he almost chocked out a loud whimper. October 15th, 2006. CBGB. The final concert of the legendary club. Patti Smith performing on stage some of her music but mostly covers from bands that had shaped the legend of the club and that on the same stage had found a trampline for their music career. Smith included.

A concert he himself had gone to. He had ditched Gina at a posh party, changed clothes during the cab ride and got in just before Patti had started the first song. He remembered a girl jumping over him during “Blitzkrieg Bop”, kissing him on the cheek then jumping off to go back to her business, as if on a dare. All he could recall of the girl in question were the fishnet tights and black combat boots that circled his waist for the briefest moment before she went away. He never saw her face, when he had realized what had happened, the girl had disappeared in the crowd. He went back to the concert but kept being distracted by the memory. It still haunted him to that day.

Anyway, behind the ticket there was a picture stapled, of Kate and Lanie, both dressed in a very uncharacteristic way, considering how he was used to see them both in professional and domestic environments. Kate wore the same jacket of the other picture, but sported longer hair and her natural color this time, not as long as she had it now, but somewhere in between. It was definitely taken before she had changed hairstyle around the time he had met her. Man, she was hot: dark heavy make up, a t-shirt with the CBGB logo that he handn’t found in the box and short tartan skirt…

And fishnets and combat boots.

For a moment, he went back to that night, the amazing concert and the bittersweet ending, knowing that the club would have closed right after it, that there was no way he’d sneak out ever again to see a random underground rock band there like he had done for years. His first fake document had served him to get into the CBGB to see The Clash when he was sixteen after all, the sense of nostalgia had hit him pretty bad when he had learned that the club was to be closed.

And that incredible, random act during that song, like a blitz on him. He was sure the girl was either drunk or had acted that way on a dare and knowing that both Beckett and Lanie were there too made it easy to speculate that she could have been both high and on a dare to do it. And that he’d been the random lucky guy to be the subject of such dare.

Or maybe he was only the bigger one, the only one that wouldn’t have fallen on the ground taken by surprise if a petite girl/woman jumped over him in the middle of a rock concert.

“I see you’ve found your shirt.”

Her voice startled him and he jumped on the bed, nearly dropping the now almost empty box to the floor. “Yep…” he replied, the tone of his voice much higher than he had intended.

Castle looked up at her, wrapped in a bathrobe, hair still dripping. He hadn’t heard the shower stop and she had taken him by surprise. As always.

“So… saw something you like?” she asked, moving the jacket a little farther and sitting beside him.

He nodded. Mostly, I saw you have a punk rock past.”

“Yeah well… I had a kind of a wild child phase, but you already know that.” she took one of the pictures from high school in her hands and smiled at it. It was an old picture of her and Madison, sprawled on a couch, both in what looked like their PJs, as if it was taken at a slumber party, tongues out in their best Gene Simmon’s impersonation giving the middle finger to the person taking the picture. “This was taken by my mom.”


She nodded. “Yeah… I had just received my letter from Stanford, I had been accepted and Maddy had come over for an inpromptu slumber party to celebrate. My mom asked us to act as crazy as we could for one picture because Stanford wasn’t a place for crazy and that’s what we got. A month later Maddy and I had a fallout and we didn’t speak until we met again two years ago. Crazy, isn’t it?”

“I think it’s cute. By the way you never told me you were at CBGB final concert.” he said, handing her the ticket stub and the picture.

“Well, you never asked. Lanie and I were heartbroken when the news it would be closed broke so we decided to be there at any cost. I had to cover double shifts for a month to get that night free. And she did move some favours too. You were there too?”

“Ditched Gina at one of her posh parties for boring people. It was terrible to say goodbye to that place.”

“Yep, I had my fair share of amazing memories at that place. After my mom died, I used to go there quite often, even only for a beer and some music, didn’t matter who was playing.”

“Even hardcore punk?”

“Oh the hardcore punk nights were my favourites! Loud music and all, I could forget some of my problems.”

There was a moment of silence and they both stared at the picture in her hands. “You know, that night I did something absolutely stupid, just because it was the last CBGB night and I was kind of drunk.”

Oh, here it comes… he thought, but didn’t interrupt her and let her go on at her pace.

“I had too many drinks and not enough food to dampen the effects and then Lanie spotted this huge guy with the most amazing ass I had ever seen standing not ten feet from us watching the show. I think it was the Ramones medley, you remember that?”

Castle nodded, silent again.

“She told me that if I jumped over him and kissed him she’d buy me another drink. I put my beer down and did it, on a whim. Damn, that guy was big, kind of something like you and I wasn’t wearing high heels that night.”

“Yeah, fishnets and combat boots, if I remmeber correctly.” he replied. “You kind of missed my groin by mere inches, you know.”

Kate froze in place. “How do you… Don’t tell me I jumped over you that night!” she squealed, panicking a little bit.

“Oh definitely. I when I say you missed my groin by inches, I’m not joking. Those boots could have destroyed my ability to have more children, you know.”

“Holy cow…” she looked down at the photo and laughed, loudly. “I can’t believe it!”

“It’s crazy yeah… even after nearly ten years that memory kind of haunts me and now… wow. It’s all I can say, it was really kismet.”

Kate smiled and kissed him on the cheek, like that night all those years ago. “The only bad thing about that is that all that jumping around made me kind of sick and I missed Sheena Is A Punk Rocker because I was throwing up in the bathroom.” she said, with a hint of regret in her voice.

“You really like that song, huh?”

“Yep. Maddy used to say it was my theme song. She always changed the lyrics to Rebel Becks’ A Punk Rocker. It amazed me how she could make it fit.”

He thought back at the song and nodded. “Well, it fits, with a little bit of tweakening of the English grammar but it fits.” he stated. “Come on, let’s get all this stuff back in its box, I’d hate to lose any of its contents.”

She nodded. “You do that, I’m going to dry my hair.” she stood up and started walking back to the bathroom, when one of her wicked thoughts coursed through her very naughty mind. “Then I’ll show you how rebel Rebel Becks can be.”

Castle remained still for a long moment, contemplating her words in silence before hurrying at placing everything in the box again to free the bed from any obstacle. He had no idea what was going to happen, what she wanted to do to him or even what she meant with rebel, but all he could do was patiently waiting.

So he did.

He’ll never look at a black leather motorcycle jacket the same way anymore.

- - - -

A.N. 2 Ok, right, got it out of my system. Back at writing Star Wars and Batman. I hope. Oh goodness I hope it doesn’t suck. BTW, thanks to Alessandra for the beta reading. Love ya girl! Ah, just a small detail: I have no idea if Peter Gabriel ever performed at Madison Square Garden in 1994, but considering how big was the stage for that tour, I think he could have played there. I couldn’t find any news about the place of the concert, only the date. July 1994, I double checked. And before you ask, yes I know and listen to all those bands. Even Death.

Over The Hills And Far Away - A Star Wars Fanfiction - Chapter 8

Chapter 8: This Loneliness I Need To Be Who I Am

Chapter Text

The same moment got out the atmosphere of the planet, I jumped in the hyperspace then inserted the autopilot and sagged on the pilot chair exhausted. I was in desperate need for sleep and fortunately I had at least twelve hours before getting to Naboo.

I dragged myself in the crew quarter and literally crumbled on the bunk bed and as soon as I touched the mattress I was sleeping. I was totally and unmistakeably worn out, it had been a lot since the last time my energies had been completely drained from me. Outside the prison at least.

It was a dreamless sleep, fortunately. It was like a long void, my brain had shut off completely and when I woke up, except for the usual numbness due to such a deep and long sleep, I felt really better. I had my energy back, most of all mental energy, and I had enough to get on Naboo and find the Naberries. Still I had to try and remember where they lived. I knew they lived in the southern part of Theed, a nice residential neighborhood, in one of those wonderful houses with huge gardens. The problem was getting there!

I stood up from the bunk and stretched. My neck was still hurting and stiff. As I stretched it, hoping it would get better because it was hurting bad, I walked to the cockpit.

"Come on Anakin! Stop whining!" I said to myself as I checked the navicomputer. Everything was just fine. No messages, estimated time of arrival said three hours and twenty five minutes, which meant I had slept almost nine hours straight.

In the crew cabin I found something to eat (military rations, nothing more) and had a sort of breakfast even if I didn't even know what time it was. Probably it was two in the afternoon on Coruscant and if I remembered correctly, Naboo was about three hours ahead. Doing the maths, I would get on Naboo in late afternoon and I would have to move quickly to get to the Naberries before night fell. You never know what kind of encounters you can make on a planet that's openly pro-Empire.

I tried to relax a bit, I managed to meditate for about an hour but the results weren't that good. My mind was elsewhere and even if my concentration had gotten better while I was in prison in that occasion I couldn't help but being distracted by everything. I was too agitated, I couldn't help it.

I had to do something though, and I decided I could check on the engine of the ship. I had two hours before I got on Naboo and I had to keep my mind occupied with something! That ship was brand new, coming straight from Incom, and still it needed some settings done. The hyperdrive needed some tuning, but that's normal. It's that kind of engine that needs some tuning after every long trip.

Anyway, I was checking the computer when it signaled we were less and a parsec away from Naboo. I let it calculate the best trajectory then jumped out of hyperspace. Perfect exist. I was straight in front of the planet, perfect alinement too.

I hadn't lost the magic touch in the end.

Right before I entered in the atmosphere and started the landing procedure I receive a message from the port authority. They informed me that due to some work in progress in the main spaceport of Theed I had to land in one of the minor ones. They signaled there was one in the southern part of the city that was well serviced by public transports and from there I could get anywhere I needed.

Just perfect, since while I was meddling with the engine I had recalled the way to the Naberries residence and if my memory didn't fail me, that spaceport wasn't too far from there. Probably ten miles.

I filled the forms for the permission to land with names and data I made up in that very moment (the only important thing was the ID number of the ship, who cares if the name of the pilot is the name of a Jedi deceased ten years before!).

At the moment of landing, I let the autopilot do its job and just enjoyed the show in front of me. I admit it, sometimes it's just good letting the navigating systems do the job. Most of all because I was taking advantage of Imperial stuff. And I loved it!

The show was simply incredible. I had been rather often on Naboo, but I had been in Theed just a couple of times and once I was barely a kid and I was a bit too occupied to notice the beauty of the city. Not to mention that when I had been there ten years before as Padmè's bodyguard I had more than a motive not to look outside of the windshield. As for the other times, I headed straight to the southern hemisphere of the planet, to the Lake Region. After that day, I had never set foot in Theed again.

It was a magnificent city. The exact contrary of Coruscant, worlds apart from Mos Espa. Just being able for once to look out of the window and enjoy it was incredible. We flew over the southern side of the city and a couple of miles from the royal palace, built on the top of a small hill. It looked like the last time I had seen it. But this time there wasn't Queen Jamilla waiting for us, ready to help Padmè every way she could. There weren't battles raging a couple of parsecs away, I wasn't tormented by nightmares about my mother and my wife wasn't with me.

I sighed and waited for the landing. As soon as the ship touched the ground, I opened the ramp and jumped off the ship. The spaceport was incredibly crowded, probably due to the deviations of traffic. All those people coming and going gave me a certain advantage. There were a lot of weird characters in there, more visible than me and I don't really think that a thirty years old dressed in black is more visible than a Zabrak beating the guts out of a Rhodian for money matters.

And considering the small crowd that had formed around the two fighters, I was right.

A worker asked me to declare the cargo and how long I would stay there. Obviously I lied, telling him that I would set off again the next day. He told me that an hour of delay was enough to have the vehicle confiscated. I didn't care much, it was better that way. They would have gone looking for the owner and they would find a very dead Jedi and a disappeared Jedi leaving another fake name as ID.

Sometimes bureaucracy helped.

Once out of the spaceport, I started walking around the streets. I was closer than what I had expected to be. I started finding my horizons quite quickly, I recognized some names of the streets, some alleys...stuff like that. If my memory was right, it would have taken no more than an hour to get there. Just in time before night fell. The sun was already setting and I didn't like going around at night too much. There was still a high risk they didn't recognize me (after all, I had met them only once and it was ten years before) and I feared I had to argue with them to prove I was who I said I was.

Not to mention that the city was full of guards and imperial agents, at least the zone outside the spaceport, checking the huge crowd of refugees. In the end, the largest part of travelers that weren't professionals or traders did it for one reason: trying to find a better place to live. I had heard about humanitarian disasters, riots on planets that had been overtaxed and the huge flux of immigrants that these taxes caused. People moved to the Outer Rim trying to find work as a miner, people devoted themselves to piracy and there were people who, in order to survive, decided to turn to crime lords. I didn't know what was worst: being a pirate or a smuggler for the Hutts. I didn't eve wanted to think about it. Shit, seven years of Empire had been worse than 10.000 years of Republic.

It was summer but it wasn't that hot. There was a northern wind that was rather strong and it was bringing rain. On the horizon I could see dark clouds gathering and preparing to pour down. I really needed to be quick.

I put my hands in my pockets and kept going on my way, trying to avoid any check point, just in case there were some, and walking as fast as I could. I was sure the Clones weren't the examples of a strong mind and will but there was still the chance they had made them better during the years and mind tricks could not work on them. I couldn't afford a single mistake in that moment. On Coruscant, yes I could. I knew the city, I knew how to mix with the population and disappear in a moment but in Theed? No way. In case they found me, I was busted and I didn't know any other way to get out a nasty situation than slicing some clones up.

And I wanted to avoid that too. What could gather more attention than a squad of troopers sliced up with a lightsaber?

I was worried, I had to admit it to myself. I was very worried and not only for me but for the Naberries. They had a certain influence but the Empire doesn't count stuff like that. Once I got out, if something strange happened on Naboo, Vader wouldn't wait a second more and would go straight to them.

Still I held the hilt of my weapon tight in my pocket. You never know what to expect from life.

And as precise as Obi-Wan's scold when I did something stupid, bad luck struck again! I was less than half an hour from my destination when I turned and saw in a small square ahead of me a squad of troops that checked on the pedestrians.

"Holy crap..." I muttered in Hutt as I walked, hoping they didn't chose me.

That was a big problem in that case. If they picked and checked me, I was busted. I didn't have any ID! Better, I had the ID of a pilot I found on the ship, one of those documents without photos that I had put in my pocket as a precaution but if they checked the code, I was dead. And if they searched me, it was even worse. A lightsaber, even when turned off, is more than a weapon, it's a symbol. And it's impossible for a civilian to have one, even if he found it during the war and kept it as a souvenir. It's that kind of object you keep at home, once you have made them unharmed. You don't carry them as a lucky charm!

Obviously, since I was the only one in the square, they chose me! The higher officer raised his and and waved at me to come closer. I did as ordered and tried to look as calm as I could.

"Can you show us your ID please?" he asked, his voice filtered through the helmet sounded metallic and unfeeling. It wasn't a Fett clone, his voice was a bit too acute, even through the microphone. They had got some new material for their tin soldiers. Damn it!

"Sure." I took the ID card from my pocked and handed it to him.

The clone looked at it carefully, then he looked at me again. "Can you tell us why you are here?"

I shrugged my shoulders trying to look at ease. "Family. My brother broke his leg and he needs some help in his workshop." it was a huge lie but it was everything I could create in that moment.

"In a neighborhood like this?" asked a clone behind the chief. That was a Fett clone, his voice was very recognizable.

"It's the fastest way from the spaceport." I tried to adjust it but I had the bad feeling.

"Any problem?" asked the officer. "His ID is regular!"

"Captain, do you mind if I check a little better?"

"Oh come on! He's harmless!" I held my breath as the two of them bickered about me. I prayed he didn't pass the magnetic card in the reader or I was dead.

"It's just that I feel like I've already seen him, somewhere..." he said.

Fantastic, he was a war veteran.

"I just have a common face. People tell me I look like someone else, it happens all the time."

The clone didn't look convinced, I could feel it through the Force. He still had doubts but he didn't have any authority to do anything. He lowered his gun and they gave my card back and let me go with the best wishes for a good night. I really wanted to kill them all!

I went back to my long walk, sure I was safe now.


Only five minutes later I was walking deeply submerged in my thoughts that I didn't notice that about two hundred yards ahead there was another check-point. When I saw it, it was too late to change path and make it look like I really needed to turn. It was all a matter of luck. Or Force, I'd prefer to say.

With my hands tucked in the pockets of the jacket I had found on the ship, I kept walking, trying looking at ease as with the other check point. I needed all the self control I could muster or at that point I just could start shaking. I was walking slow enough to hear part of their chatting while I got closer. I hoped they would let me go without stopping me. In total, they were four soldiers, three forming the actual check point crew and one in the driver seat of the recognition vehicle behind them.

"Seems like he vanished."

"A prisoner can't just disappear into thin air, come on! He must have found a way to get out of there!"

"He faked a suicide then he got out wearing the uniform of the soldier that brought him his meal. That's how he escaped!"

Finally the news of my escape had reached other planets outside Blenjeel.

"Where do you think he went?"

The others shrugged their shoulders. "Who knows. Probably he's looking for his friends, those we haven't found. There are still quite a few of them out there, you know. But the orders are clear: kill him on sight! End of the discussion." replied the one who seemed to be the chief.

"Damn...with him out, our workload will quadruplicate!" finally they noticed me. "Sir, your entering a weapon-free zone. Stop there."

I can't repeat the sequence of insults, swearing and curses I threw at them in my head. I obeyed and waited for them.

"Can you show us your ID?"

Again I obeyed. They didn't run it through the computer but I wasn't safe yet. "In this zone there's absolute prohibition for civilians to bear weapons. Before we proceed with the search, do you have any weapon to declare?"

I must admit I was scared to death at that point. I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat. "No Sir." I lied.

The clone nodded. "Take your hands out of your pockets and raise your arms over your head."

I obeyed and held my hands high while they ran a scan on me, probably a couple of inches away. I hoped it wasn't the kind of scanner sensitive enough to catch the small amount of energy radiation emitted by the battery of a lightsaber. It wasn't a powerful cell, it didn't need too much energy to work, but it was still an energy cell and if I was right, it was that kind of thing that scanner looked for. Obviously, it started shrieking then they passed it over my right pocked. It was the sensitive kind. Another sequence of unrepeatable curses.

"Sir, can you show me the contents of your pocket?" he asked as calm as a stone.

Busted. I had hoped I didn't have to hurt anyone but in that point it was inevitable. Still I could make it look like a shootout.

Slowly, very slowly, I lowered my right hand and put it in my pocket. I gripped the hilt of my weapon and then counted up to three before acting. Faster than anything they had ever seen, I took out the weapon and ignited it. Its plasma blade came to life with a low hiss in front of their masked faces, but I knew they couldn't believe their eyes. Before they could react, I leaped forward and landed behind them, trying to put as much distance between us that I could. I might have had to fight, but I still could control the damages.

They armed their blasters and a shower of red lasers poured on me, some hit the stone wall behind me, some others, more precise, I had to deflect them. Those were aimed straight to my chest!

I managed to deflect all of them, some of them without too much care, others, well, ended up on my assailants. Two in a row finished on the chief, sending him on the ground, I don't know if dead or just unconscious. At that point it didn't matter, I just had to stop them.

I tried to end it as fast as I could but I didn't have enough time to make the blasts bounce where I wanted. They were too many and too fast, even for me. The majority of them hit the armored vehicle behind them, and that's the beginning of my troubles.

One of them changed fire mode. A more powerful blast flew straight towards me, it hit the blade and ended its course on the vehicle, piercing the armor. I don't know what it hit, probably a box of back up weapons or high end explosives, because a moment later the vehicle blew up.

The explosion was deafening. In a split second, the shootout was over, I was sent flying backwards against the wall by the blast wave, my head spinning like mad and a slight buzz in my ears, not to mention the blurred sight typical of head traumas.

Slowly I opened my eyes and saw dust and debris everywhere, the four clones laid on the ground lifeless. Fortunately they were still in once piece or the situation would have been really bad. I was half sitting against the wall, trying to shake away the daze, when I heard someone screaming. Someone living the in the zone was calling the police. I had to run away.

I stiffly stood up, tried to take a step forward but I fell on the ground again, my right side felt like it was on fire.

I turned on my back and looked down. I was bleeding. Badly. The explosion had sent a metallic shrapnel flying around and it hit me like a jagged bullet. It probably broke a couple of ribs. And it hurt. Shit, it hurt like hell! Breathing hurt most of all, and if I didn't move, I was a dead man.

Groaning in pain, I managed to stand up and holding the wound tightly with my hand I started walking as fast as I could. Every step was an agony but I had to move, there was too much traffic around there.

As soon as I was far enough from the crime scene I stopped for a second and tried to catch my breath. My clothes were drenched with blood, that meant I wasn't leaving tracks behind me but it wouldn't work for too long. I could already feel blood slipping down my pants. I pressed a little tighter and kept going. I had to gather every ounce of energy I had left, use the Force to keep me up and standing...I used every trick I knew and it was in that moment that I realized that the Force wasn't healing me anymore. Not to mention that the shrapnel was gritting against my ribs and it was even worse. It wasn't a good sign. At all.

Finally I found the right street. I was almost there. I recognized the porch in front of the house and those two or three steps that led to the front door. A decorated plate confirmed it was the right house. Walking up those three steps was a torture but I managed to drag myself up and rang the doorbell, then leaned on the doorstep. I couldn't breath properly and I saw my sight field getting narrow and narrow by the moment. I was about to lose consciousness.

On the other side of the door I heard fast, light steps approaching and a female voice announce she was going to open up. It was Sola, I could recognize her voice even if we hadn't spoken much.

Suddenly I felt the coppery taste of blood in the back of my throat. That wasn't good.

"Who's there?" she asked before opening.

I took a deep, painful breath before I could speak. "Sola, please don't get mad. Can we talk inside? I need to get in!" I was in such a haste I totally forgot manners.

"Who are you?" her voice betrayed fear. Well, it was comprehensible after all, I hadn't even introduced myself!

"Please..." my voice was broken. "Please, let me in, I can explain everything. We met ten years ago, I was with your sister. That's why I'm here I need to find her!"

"My sister died seven years ago."

"You know it's not true!" I replied. "Sola, I'm begging you, I can't talk from out here. Please, I have to find her! It's about her children and..." I couldn't complete the sentence. The jagged piece of metal in my wound moved and stole my breath.

The door suddenly opened. She had grown older, not too much but it was now clear that she was a lot older than Padmè. By the look on her face, she seemed terrified.

"How do you know about them?"

I turned towards her. I knew I wasn't such a great sight to bear but at that point I had to confess or she would have never opened up.

"Because I'm their father!"

Over The Hills And Far Away - A Star Wars Fanfiction - Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Your Smile Made My Sun Rise

I had a lot of luck that night. At that late hour of the evening, most of the workers and employes had already returned home from their job places and there weren't many pedestrian going around the city. Not to mention that once I stepped off the transport, I decided to take the long way around and use the trafficked streets and alleys of the lower levels, trying to mix with the crowd.

The lower levels had always fascinated me. I had never been there that often, the last time had been while chasing Zam Wessel, the bounty hunter that tried to kill Padmè, but I have to admit that the little universe packed in there was indeed interesting. I wasn't such a huge fan of the chaos that ruled down there, most of all of the crime, but as an observer, it wasn't that bad, being down there and look around myself, live a little, somehow.

But in that moment I didn't have enough time to think about it. I was walking fast, dodging pedestrians around me, trying to keep my emotions down. I was crossed by a strange mix of feelings, a mix of anger and desperation because I knew that in the same moment I had stepped in the Temple I would have felt like...well, not too good. That place was a graveyard, it wasn't my home anymore.

I was trying to convince myself and I felt the cool air of the city whipping around me, calming me and slowly, as I walked, I found myself more relaxed and calm.

Anyway, I tried to focus on something else and tried to have a closer look on what was going on around me. The city itself hadn't changed much since the last time I had seen it, there was the usual traffic that could cause a migraine to the most calm man of the Galaxy but it was was neater. Apparently, the Empire had succeeded where the Republic had failed: get a grip on the traffic.

At least something decent enough...

But soon enough I understood why: the soldiers handled traffic the same way they treated prisoners back on Blenjeel. If you do something wrong, you risk your neck. It was a matter of survival then...

I silently kept walking, never looking back.

It took me two hours to arrive. If I had used the fast way, I would have risked everything. There was a huge deployment of troops in that city, not to mention sentinel droids. I didn't want anyone to recognize me, or even spot someone that looked like me. I preferred to walk a bit more, taking advantage of the darkness and use that time to get there as calm as I could, not to mention be mentally prepared for what I would have to face in there.

I was as tensed as the dome of the Opera House. My neck was as stiff as a branch of dry wood, probably because of the position I had slept in, and I had a really bad feeling. I really didn't feel at the top in that moment.

And when I arrived in front of the Temple, I felt my stomach churn and twist as if it was alive. If the lights had been turned on, I would have looked just like as I had left it. I stopped for a moment in front of the staircase that led up to the entrance and I felt the nausea twist again my guts a couple of times. How many times had I run up those steps that as a child looked endless and as a teenager was the perfect ground for a challenge with the other Padawans? I tried to think about how many of them might still be alive. Not too many I fear.

I took some other seconds for myself before start walking again and heading to the eastern side of the Temple, where one of the secret entrances was situated. Not many knew they existed, and even less knew how and where to find them. They were so hidden that at a casual look they could be exchanged for tiles of the pavement. That was the good part! I still like to think that someone might have been able to get out of there safe and sound using those exits, when the Empire attacked the Temple. I managed to reach the closest and using the Force I opened the lock on the other side. The tile slipped open and I sneaked inside, closing the trapdoor behind me.

I wasn't hoping for a quiet and easy job. I though the key lock would be a little tighter to open, instead it was nothing but a game. I reached in front of me, blind in the dark of that cramped space, and found the other door. Once I found the handler, I pushed it and the door opened without a sound. There were no guards, no motion sensors, nothing. I was prepared to make a massacre but there was no one in there.

I was alone.

I was terribly alone.

But I had to be there, no matter how painful, hard and repulsive it might be, I had to be there. And I would have taken all the time I needed to get the job done, I didn't care what I would have found in the halls, what kind of terrible feeling I would get, I had to do it. Nothing scared me, only myself. I had to know how many had died that day, what had happened in those seven years and where the heck might be my family.

And if that meant hacking into the Imperial demographic database (as I supposed it was called after the reconversion of the Republic into Empire), and I was sure I would have to do it, well, I would have done it! I wasn't some kind of computer geek, still I knew what to do. There were guys that were far better than me though. I wasn't a genius, but I knew how to crack databases. I had done it for years!

I leaned on the wall for a second. I took a deep breath and braced myself for what was waiting for me at the end of that hallway. I realized I was nothing but the shadow of what, for thousand years, had been taught in there. A not so similar shadow, if I thought about it. I was a fugitive, a runaway that struggled for his freedom, a dead man walking. I was the shadow of the once great Order of the Jedi.

I was nothing. Nothing because I didn't exist anymore, officially. For the Galaxy, I was dead. Everything I had fought for had been lost. I didn't know where my family was and...

I was loosing myself into my thoughts just as a few hours before, one that ship, when I had woken up. That damn dream still haunted me, like the other times. I hated that part of being so Force sensitive. I captured my memories, most of all the bad ones, like an holo and sometimes they came out from nowhere just to tease me in my sleep. I hated that and Obi-Wan was right. I had to learn how to stop them, or at least I had to learn how to not letting them make me do foolish things, considering the bad effect dreams had on me. Some managed only to upset me for a couple of hours, others made me act in such ways I was too ashamed to remember, and he was the only one who could teach me how to do that.

I sighed and I forced myself to go on. I had started something, for once in my life I had to complete it.

"May the Force be with me," I whispered as I walked down the long corridor.

My steps echoed in the narrow hallway that led to the Hall of a Thousand Fountains, the main hall of the Temple. I pushed the last hidden door open and I it felt like being hit over by a pod. The air was saturated with the smell of death, a mix of blood, dust and burnt things. Something I really hoped not to smell anymore. It was terrible and it was multiplied by the reverberating Force that was still in turmoil after so many years. The whole Temple felt as if it was engulfed in a crystal ball of pain and hate, I could feel the Force telling me things, bringing up flashes of that night. I could almost see the ghostly figures of young Padawans that tried to defend themselves from the troops and Vader, more experienced knights fall under his relentless felt like a needle stuck straight behind my eyes.

I could feel the chilling presence of Death itself in there as if it was a physical presence and not only a freaky joke going on in my mind. It made my skin crawl and I felt it like a huge weight on my shoulders that pinned me down while I tried to concentrate and move from that spot. It felt like being nailed to the floor. I had to reactivate the energy generator if I wanted to try anything in there.

I had barely made a couple of steps forward when I felt like a wave in the Force washing over me, and after that, I could hear, and see, what had happened that night. Not the ghostly silhouettes, the real deal. It felt like being there for real. I closed my eyes but it was in my head, I couldn't stop it. The Force wanted me to see what had happened. It was something similar to the visions I had on Nevlaan, years ago.

Even if I knew it was all fake, that it was only in my head, I can't even start describing how it terrified me on a subconscious level. Really, even after so many years I still can't find the words to describe it. It gripped my guts so tight I was about to vomit right there.

I gathered all my courage and moved on, better, I ran towards the staircase, on the other side of the hall, dodging fictional blaster shots and when I finally reached the door of the staircase, I pushed it open just enough to slip inside and then shut it closed again. The vision finally stopped and I was again in the empty Temple, everything was silent and dark...everything was normal. I leaned on the door as I felt the instinct to throw up hit me like a punch in my face but nothing came. I just stood there, bracing on the door as I tried desperately to regain a certain composure, at least enough to concentrate. What I had just seen was unbearable to say the least.

But being out of the Hall helped me a lot. In the span of a couple of minutes, nausea had gone and I was breathing normally again. Even the Force was a bit quieter in there.

That massacre would haunt that place for years. Maybe decades.

For a moment, I had a flashback of nearly twenty years before. I was probably twelve and a friend and I were running around the Temple right after a saber training session. We were tired but it was spring time and the air was warm and there was a bright sun outside, so our Masters had allowed us to get some fresh air on one of the terraces before dinner. It had been a nice afternoon, and probably some of those who were with me that day were dead by now.

When I got used to that haunting feeling I moved again. It was a bit easier once I got used to it still I held the hilt of my weapon tightly in my hand, just in case. I didn't want any bad surprise that night.

I headed towards the library first, I had to check what worked and what didn't.

Obviously, nothing worked. Better, the computers booted up, that meant the energy generator was still running, but there was no access to the network. I went in the control room and found the cause of the problem: someone had pulled the cables, cutting every connection with the rest of the world off. Nothing too bad, I just had to connect them again, finding the right socket for each cable. Thirty times. It took me nearly twenty minutes to get the job done but in the end every computer in the Temple were online. I had to get used to that, in a matter of months, wiring stuff would be my daily fix.

Too bad some cables were damaged and once I tried to access the network it didn't work. Shit. I had to go for Plan B: bypass the system and access through the private Council mainframe, from the Council chamber. And if they had found the memory stick with my codes, I was totally fucked and my only chance was hacking through the system. Crack the Council mainframe...easy, isn't it?

Like hell it is! That's the best protected computer of the Empire! I prayed that the memory stick was still there as I ran up the stairs to the Chamber.

I had managed to wire up everything I could, I hoped it would have worked. And I hoped I could find some peace up there. Well, I tried at least.

I gathered all my courage again and entered. It felt like doing something blasphemous enough to be killed.

Once again, I felt like being washed over by a wave. Something wrong had happened even up there. I saw the footprints on the floor, bloody footprints. An adult and...I don't know how many kids.

That bastard had killed the kids too, right in the place they thought they were safe. It was unbearable, I felt the rage seething in me, flowing in my veins alongside with my felt like a thunderstorm. I found myself breathing heavily as I tried to contain my anger and when I finally I though I was calm enough to stand the idea of what had happened in there, I opened my eyes and I looked out of the window. There was still the crack in the window that I had created seven years before when I had decided what to do. Nothing had changed much.

I reached what had been Obi-Wan's chair and dropped on the dusty floor looking under the edge, in the far left corner. After a couple of seconds I felt the sticky tape I had used to attach the stick to the metallic structure of the chair and...and the memory stick was there. They hadn't found it! I took a deep, relieved sigh when I managed to pull it out of there. I sat down in the same chair and booted up the computer. I was asked to type the code in order to access the mainframe and I typed it in, copying it from the file in the flash memory.

I was in.

For a moment, I leaned on the armrest. I was exhausted. The heavy atmosphere and the tension of the escape were taking their toll on me. They were sucking every ounce of energy left in my body and mind, but I had to hold on and keep going. I couldn't just give up on that, not just because I was tired!

I sighed deeply again. It felt like the really first time I had set foot in that Chamber.

I closed my eyes shut for a moment, trying to get rid of the heavy haze of tiredness that threatened to make me fall asleep right there and then then I checked if there had been hacking attempts in the mainframe. The traces were visible, indeed, there were huge damaged sectors, fortunately not those I needed, and there was a long list to attempts to decrypt the access sequence. Fortunately, 240-digit cryptography has its advantages. They had tried to hack in the holocron, someone had managed get access to Obi-Wan's and my data, and I supposed it was Vader, but those were public files on the other computer network, a little less protected than this one.

The internal net was intact though, and that allowed me to access the Imperial network without being detected. I really didn't mind the fact that I didn't have to hack into anything. The link was a bit slow, but I could work with that.

From that position though I could do some nasty things. I could destroy all the data and cause a bureaucratic apocalypse in the Empire, causing a month-lasting havoc. The idea made me smile. It might be a nice joke, but I let it go. I wasn't a damn anarchist that wanted the destruction of power itself. I wanted the obliteration of the Sith. And who knows, maybe the Rebel Alliance I had heard of in prison might use some sensible data contained in those huge servers, in the near future. I left it as it was and I concentrated on gathering information about this newborn Alliance. I looked for news, data, possible prisoners...there wasn't much, just a couple of reports about skirmishes in the Outer Rim but nothing serious.

After that, I looked for any news about my escape. Still nothing, at least on the holonet. On the internal network of the Empire though there was a warning to keep a close eye on a man whose description could be similar to the Anakin Skywalker of seven years before. Fortunately, in that moment, I totally looked different.

After that I accessed to the demographic database. I had to start from somewhere! I typed Padmè's complete name and waited. Much to my surprise, on the screen appeared a pop up window. A window programmed to open up only if her name would have been typed from that particular computer. There was a message with a date. It was six years old.

"Look under my chair. Disconnect." That was all it said.

I obeyed and shut off the computer, then I looked again under his chair. Blindly, I looked for something stuck under the metallic structure until my fingers closed around something rather strange. Paper. Two sheets of thick paper, with two different handwriting. From that spot though I couldn't see anything more than that so I stood up and walked closer to the window, hoping that the light coming from outside could help me see a bit better.

My heartbeat sped up slightly. I leaned on the cracked window and looked down at the paper.

"Anakin, if you can read these lines, it means you are out of prison. I assure you that if I could know about it, I would be really happy. I guess you can understand I can't write our location on this sheet. The risk that someone can find these is too high, it's already risky enough to come to Coruscant and leave these few lines in the Temple. Anyway, you must know that I followed your advice and for some time we stayed with your brother and you must know that what happened to Vader is my own doing and I'm sorry if he hurt you blaming you for that. I hope you are alright and now let's go for the important stuff. Padmé is just fine, so are the children..."

What the heck? I rubbed my weary eyes for a couple of seconds after reading the last word. My heart skipped a beat then started pounding even harder.

"And before you have a panic attack, you must know that Padmè was expecting twins, male and female. She didn't know herself, she didn't hide it from you. We discovered it barely some weeks before she gave birth. She decided to call them Luke and Leia. She hopes you like the names, but I think you don't care much about names right now. They are a year old right now, and one day we'll tell them the whole story, or maybe you'll be the one to tell them. And don't worry, I'm just playing the part of the uncle, I have no intention to do anything more than keeping them safe and watch them for you. I don't know when or if you'll ever read these lines but if you want a nice place to start looking for us, try on Naboo. Or with Tatooine"

At least it was a beginning, even if it wasn't so precise. I knew he meant Padmè's family or my brother but I wished he could have been a bit more precise. I breathed deeply, trying to push back the tears and kept reading.

"And, Anakin, I know you are angry and I can't blame you. They took you all what you cared for, they stole everything from you, even your name and what was bound to it. Please, don't give up and be careful. Don't fall to the Dark Side because if it happened I wouldn't think twice about chasing you and treat you the same way I did with Vader. Don't even think about facing him until you haven't found us, do you understand? First of all, you are a father now, then you are a Jedi. You have a wife and children to care about. If we have to face them, we'll do it together. May the Force be with you. Obi-Wan"


I slowly slid down on the floor, my legs couldn't hold me anymore. I couldn't believe this. Twins? I was...I can't even find the words to describe the feeling I got from that news. It felt like when Padmè told me she was pregnant, just amplified a hundred times! I let my head fall on the cold glass behind me. I couldn't really believe it, it was...

Well, let's move on, it's better. Trying to find words to describe the indescribable is useless. You just need to know that when I was getting out of the Temple, I was so high with joy that I was cartwheeling!

I read the message again then I took the second sheet. Instantly I recognized her own handwriting. That was her own message.

"Anakin, I know that this is not the best way to tell you, but I think that you have already read Obi-Wan's message. I was pregnant with twins, and I swear that I didn't know it, it was a surprise for everyone, I didn't keep you in the dark consciously. It was a shock, believe me! They are growing up fast, Luke is your clone. At least I think he is, but if he grows up like he's been doing for this year, he'll be blonde and with blue eyes, just like his father. He's a tiny adventurer! He's learning how to walk and he doesn't want anyone to help him while Leia is a bit more sensible and she let me help her. I miss you so much my love..."

"I know Angel…" I whispered. "I miss you too..."

"…please, be careful. I don't want to lose you. Find my family, they will help you, we're part of the Rebel Alliance and my father knows someone who can get you in, listen to him. I love you."

"I love you too."

For endless moments my limbs refused to move, I just couldn't move. I just stared at that piece of paper for I don't know how long, crying like a child. Suddenly, all the pain and the sorrow of the last seven years didn't mean anything.

But I had to go, and fast.

I stood up and folded the papers carefully before tucking them in my pocket then I ran out as fast as I could then headed again for the spaceport. This time, with darkness on my side, I took the fast way around and it took me barely half an hour to get there. I didn't know why or how, but I knew that if I remained on Coruscant an hour more something bad would happen. I was in danger, I could feel it.

I took the ship and set off again.

Naboo was waiting for me.

Over The Hills And Far Away - A Star Wars Fanfiction - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Slaying The Dreamer

The mechanic hiss filled his ears as he tried to remain conscious. That soldier knew how to do his job, he was harmless and barely awake in the span of fifteen minutes. If he had been a normal man he wouldn't have been able to do anything for days, but he had a very powerful ally on his side. He already culd feel the strong healing powers of the Force coursing through his veins healing him as quick as it could.

He could hear his heavy steps as he stepped in the chamber. Long, slow and careful, as if the man had balancing problems.

He saw him walking towards him. In the dim light coming from the small window he looked more like a phamtom, a ghost of the man he was not many months before. He knew that the grimace on my face wouldn't have made he feel welcome and that was not what he wanted but he knew that even the littlest thing could unleash his wrath on him. And that wasn't the right moment, he was already wounded enough, he couldn't afford to sustain more injuries.

'Good, now remember, he's not the man you knew...forget it! He thought to myself before he felt the coppery taste of blood in his throat. He coughed and spit the blood on the already stained floor then tried to regain his composure as much as the situation allowed it. Cuffed, tied and forced to stand on his knees on the filthy wasn't easy.

"Skywalker…" he started. The metallic voice echoed in the room, creating a sort of ghastly resonance.

"Vader…" he sighed without much enthusiasm. Speaking, better whispering, was everything he could muster in that moment, and it was incredibly painful. He felt a throbbing, sharp pain at his right sid and he knew he had at least two broken ribs. His head was spinning, a sign he wasn't breathing as much as he needed to and he knew that only a miracle could spare him another admittance in the prison infirmary. "What do you want?"

He looked up for the first time at his opponent. It was the first time he saw him after he had been encapsulated in that life support suit. He was worse than what he had imagined. He was scary. With that mask that hid his breather he really looked like a ghost, or worse, one of those demos that filled the legends told by pilots and bounty hunters, back in Mos Espa, when he was a kid.

"You know who did this to me, don't you?" he asked, briskly. That voice gave him the creeps.

He took a deep breath, trying to endure the pain at his chest.

"I believe so. I'm not sure though, we don't get many news in here." he murmured. "I don't know why though..."

He hoped he hadn't heard the last part. He knew perfectly well who and why he was in those conditions. He even knew where. He had felt it, through the Force, he had experienced it on his very body, not for long, but he had for a moment been in a tight connection with Vader. He had felt the fire burning his skin to the bone. He had felt it just like three days before he had felt his glee as he killed a Jedi he had hunted down for months.

"You know well why! You felt it, didn't you? You and all the Jedi that..." he shouted. At that point it was easy to guess he had come to finish the job of the soldiers." it felt like he was laughing. Anakin closed his eyes trying to shove that thought away from his mind, the idea of what had happened that night that had formed in his mind. "After all those years...of being subdued...being forced to obey their orders...finally I could unleash my rage!"

Anakin lowered his gaze, trying to get those images out of his head.

"Look at me!" he grasped his bruised chin and pulled his face towards him, looking straight in his eyes. "You damned Jedi! You abandoned me, six years ago and now...look what your Master has done to me!" he shouted again. "He almost killed me you know? All because of you!"

He was tired, but he felt the anger rising in him like a tidal way. He couldn't stand him. Once he could consider that man like a friend, they were almost the same age, they had both being Padawans until he had disappeared in the Outer Rim and Anakin had gone on his on way.

Suddenly, his sight blurred for a moment. He shut his eyes tightly and when he opened them Vader stood not six inches away from his face. He didn't know if it was anger, fear or whatever other feeling that gave him the strength to react, but he managed to stand up and endure the excruciating pain that the gesture brought to him.

"Then what the hell are you doing here? Kill me now! Come on! Do it! I'm harmless, it won't take long"

He fell on the floor again between the tinkling of the chains that held him up that mixed with the echo of his own voice.

Vader knelt in front of him and looked at him for a moment, as if he was thinking about the proposal. Behind his mask, Anakin knew he was smiling evilly.

"Skywalker, I don't want to kill you. Better, I would love to, but the Emperor wants you alive until he thinks you are useful to his purposes. He really thinks he can bring you to our side!" he hissed though his mask.

"I will never join you!" he said, incredibly calm and cool. His voice was the mirror of his determination. "Never. He's the cause of what happened to you. He's using you, can't you understand? You're his pawn, he's the one to blame for all of this!"

At that point he felt Vader's wrath rising stronger than before, like a blizzard around them. As a reply, Vader lifted his hands and closed his fingers around the air, still it felt like Anakin's throat was being crushed.

"You are the cause of everything! Of what they did to me, of...all of this! My Master wants you! He wants you, not me!" he screamed as much as the breather and the voice synthesizer allowed him to.

That's the last thing he could remember, because about ten seconds later, Anakin lost consciousness.

I had fallen asleep.

With the adrenaline rush completely depleted from my system, I felt strange. I was numb, felt like I had taken an anesthetic not to mention the splitting headache that made me dizzy.

I have to say that the dream woke me with a start, like a high voltage electric discharge.

It wasn't a great way to wake up. It wasn't even such a great dream, most of all because it was a nightmare based on a real life memory. It was the first time I had seen Vader with his mask. And it was the first time I had been admitted to the infirmary.

No, it wasn't definitely a good way to wake up. At all. Most of all because it's that kind of nightmare that once it woke me up, I couldn't get to fall asleep anymore. And it happened rather often, not only that nightmare but many more. They were all like movies made out of the worst experiences of my life. The night at the Tusken camp was one of the worst, for example.

I wiped away the sweat from my forehead and took a deep breath. I still felt numb. I hate those moments after an adrenaline overload, every time it happened I felt like that. I could have slept for forty eight hours straight not to mention that the weakest breath of wind could tip me over. I really needed a huge dose of coffee, hoping there was some in the crew cabin.

I stood up and stretched my aching limbs. Sleeping on the pilot chair was never a good idea. And considering that I had the whole crew cabin all for me, it was even stupid. I was really exhausted.

Right after I had inserted the autopilot I locked myself in the restroom. Probably I stayed under the shower spray for an hour or at least until warm water lasted. It had been months since the last time I had the chance to shower, from the last admittance in the infirmary for a dislocated left shoulder. You can imagine how much I needed it.

Once I had finished, I gathered all my courage and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I couldn't even bear the thought of doing it before the shower.

I wasn't such a good thing to look at, even after I had washed months of grime off of me. Long beard, even longer and tousled hair...I really needed a radical change. I looked for a pair of scissors and cut my hair in a similar way as I bore it seven years before, probably a little longer then I took care of my beard.

I decided I didn't want to shave completely. The only image the Empire had of me was seven years old, I was shaved and still in neat condition. I knew that if you need to hide and in the past you used to shave every morning, one of the best disguise was keeping your beard long. I just shortened it, it wasn't as long as Obi-Wan's back in the days before the war but at least it was now trimmed to a decent length. It should have done good.

Anyway, I was a different man when I had emerged from the restroom. I looked a little more as myself. At least that!

I had checked the computer and I had fallen asleep right there and then, just to wake up six hours later.

In the crew cabin I looked for something to eat and stuff like that, but I only found military rations and instant coffee, the same they gave in prison for breakfast. Better than nothing, it was still caffeine.

With the steaming cup in my head, I returned at my place in the cockpit. There was a light on the ship console that wasn't turned on when I had gone away five minutes before. I had almost arrived on Coruscant. I toggled off the autopilot and jumped out of hyperspace. It was in incredible show, the planet I once called home was right there in front of me in all its magnificence. Everything like before, nothing seemed to have changed at least from that distance.

I received a quite fast message from the port authority of the planet.

"Here's Port Control Center, please identify yourself." normal routine, administrated by not so smart droids with reasoning processors not so evolved. Threepio was a bit smarter.

I looked for the ID code of the ship and when I found it, I transmitted the codes and everything they asked for.

"Do you need a refuel?" asked the droid. Good sing, it seemed like they hadn't discovered, or reported, the theft yet.

Well, since I could take advantage of the Empire... I sent a confirm.

"Please wait, we're confirming your authorizations." replied the droid from ground control.

I was sweating at that point. I had the terrifying feeling that something could go wrong and that suddenly they would discover the trick and my identity and threw at me I don't know how many starfighters. I needed to be as anonymous as I could in order to keep my ass safe on get in touch with someone of the Rebellion if I could find one. If they discovered the trick, I was in huge troubles.

"Your codes have been confirmed. Please send the cargo list."

I started breathing normally again then I sent the list of the things in the cargo hold. Not much in the end.

"You're authorized for landing on Dock 66, docking station 101. In case you need assistance, ask to the local crew." -End of Transmission-

Fantastic, I was safe! They sent the codes I needed for the landing then I brought the ship down in the atmosphere and headed for the port I had been sent to. It was a bit far from the Temple but well, I couldn't get everything easy and done!

As I drove the ship there, I thought again about that damned nightmare. I couldn't get it out of my head. I needed to get a grip on myself or knowing myself something could have gone wrong. Very wrong.

Once I had landed and secured the ship to the ground I handed to codes to the dock crew that immediately started the refuel and checking on the engine. Normal routine.

When I got out of the spaceport, I looked around and tried to understand what was the shortest way to the temple. If I remembered correctly, there was a public transport just east of my position that could bring me a little closer to uptown.

Calmly, I walked down the road in the cool, windy winter air.

It was time to move.

Over The Hills And Far Away - A Star Wars Fanfiction - Chapter 5

For notes, summary and whatever, see here

Chapter 5 - Back In Her Arms Is Where He'll Be

The same moment I restarted the engines after I had changed clothes, a strange sensation came up from the bottom of my heart. Suddenly all the anxiety, the fear...gone! I was free, both physically because finally I wasn't confined in those four walls anymore, but also I was free from the Empire and its barbarian ways to deal with people.

And I was more determined than before. I wanted to find my family more than anything. I didn't give a damn if I had suffered more than it was even thinkable. The scars I bore meant nothing. I was a free man, not just an ID number written on a door. I was Anakin Skywalker, I was a free man.

I was free to do what I wanted and speak my mind without fear of the punishment. I was a Jedi and even if the Empire had tried to take it away from me but they didn't, fortunately. I still had some pride of what I was and the training I had received, and it was time to take it out. The Order wasn't dead, not yet at least. I didn't know how many of us were still alive, out there, scattered around the Galaxy fighting for survival, but I was there and I couldn't let down everything that had raised me. Even if I had to train every single Force Sensitive child of the Galaxy.

The Order would have survived. I didn't know how but we would have make it. It had almost been wiped out five thousands years before, after the Great Sith Wars, but the will of one was enough to make it flourish again. It might have taken a while, me might have had to fight, we probably would need some help, but we were definitely going to rise again from the dust and the Republic would have been restored. The Sith couldn't win this war. Vader and Sidious were going to have a fierce enemy to fight.

I swore it to myself as I drove towards the spaceport.

While I drove in open desert at max speed in the cool, twilight air, I closed my eyes for a moment and breathed deeply a couple of times. The air of that planet was almost uncontaminated. It felt like being born again, it felt like that day, after the Battle Of Coruscant, when after five months in the Outer Rim, I had stepped off that military transport right outside the Senate, and she was there waiting for me.

Unfortunately, that day was so different from this one...first of all, she wasn't there. But I had already come to terms with that. I knew I had to walk a lot before I could find her. Find them, actually. And I was a different man. I wasn't that reckless child I was seven years before. I had grown, I was almost thirty years old, and I assure you: seven years of prison, in those conditions, change you. They rip you apart and put you back together. And, sincerely, I hoped I had become a better man.

And looking back, when I had been arrested and everything, I was twenty two, and I was really nothing but a spoiled child. And arrogant, to say the least. All the talking about me being the Chosen One had filled my mind with great expectations that obviously weren't mirrored in reality. I still thought I could live large and that everyone would praise me for everything I did. I wanted to be the greatest Jedi of the Galaxy, to say the least. Qui Gonn had seen something in me. He had really seen the desire to become a great Jedi, the will to help people. Problem: while I grew up, that desire to help people and right the wrong of the Galaxy, that feeling slowly had become the will to redeem myself and my past as a slave. And the will to become great and powerfull.

What an idiot.

No, really, I was an idiot for so long! As luck had it, I managed to open my eyes before I did some bullshit.

Well, no, sometimes I had acted like a total dork many times. Too many indeed. But I still had time and will to redeem myself. I had to expiate my sins after all. And I needed it.

I had already started my path of redemption, years before, when I had been arrested. The day I had to choose for both me and Padmè. Not to mention our son. And that was the worst day of my whole life.

That day I had to choose between the apparently fast and easy way, take her and run away as fast as we could, go somewhere remote and live there, start another life and leave everyone else to die or take the hard and long one that in the end showed it was the best choice I had ever taken. I warned Obi-Wan, I gave him the chance to warn someone and then I trusted Padmè's life in his hands. Then I resigned myself to Sidious. I was playing his game.

And because I knew myself I knew that the second option had been the best one. Maybe I had made the difference, maybe not, still I had given them the chance to save themselves or try to stop this madness.

I choose her, I saved her life and in the same time I saved mine. I left her, that's true, but I didn't lose her.

And that was the decision that had changed both our lives. For the better.

Suddenly I recalled a feeling I had years before, a moment when everything stood still. On the Invisible Hand, the admiral ship of the Separatist Fleet. The day I killed Dooku. I felt a cold shiver running down my spine that made me jolt on the seat.

I remembered every moment of that mission, since when me and Obi-Wan had been recalled from the sieges, the tensed hours before we got to Coruscant, the frantic moments of the space battle...everything. Every step I had taken in those hallways echoed in my mind as if I was watching an holo of my life. And what I was looking at didn't please me.

I saw Dooku's terrified eyes, the panic that reflected in them when, after I had severed his arms, I was keeping him hanging on, unable to decide what to do. I remembered the thousands of thoughts that passed in my mind that day, ranging from vengeance for the same arm he had severed almost three years before, to mercy for that old man.

Most of all I remembered Palpatine's cold voice as he ordered me to kill him. It was so was strange and creepy. Still, I listened to him even if that order sounded so weird coming from him! And that moment triggered something in my mind, at a subconscious level.

For three years I had seen the worst of the Galaxy. War, death, suffering of million of innocent people that strove to survive in that power play of two powers too big for them to understand. I remember the anxiety I felt every time I had to tell to someone that his or her brother, father, sister or whatever had died. It was terrifying and for three years I had to live like that, close to death and pain, at such an intensity that in the end I had grown used to it. But that day something had changed. I had already killed in the past, many times actually, but no one had ever asked for mercy. Well, don't count the Tusken on...I couldn't control me that night.

I though everything was over at that point. Instead I returned home just to plunge in a chasm of terror and pain. The worst three months of my life. Palpatine's kidnapping had left a huge hole in the Jedi pride, included mine. The Chancellor wanted us to stand aside and for the Force's sake he had all the rights to do it since he held the reins of the Republic. He wanted all the space and the time to make his plan work and bring me to his side. That's why he kept the others away. The more I lost trust in them, the more I walked closer to the Dark Side.

I fought with all my might those dreams and visions that kept disturbing my sleep. Every night the same story, the same torture. I was literally going crazy, and I couldn't understand.

Then finally the Council decided to make me a Master and that was like a thunder in a clean sky. I was a Master, everything I had always wanted to be and I had fought for. I was at peace with the universe. Those dreams that haunted me like a bird of prey with a small animal...they disappeared. Too bad for Sidious that only a tiny but significant decision could change, better, destroy his whole plans and thirteen years of machinations. I had changed direction... and suddenly Sidious' plan just went out of the window.

He deserved to die. He and his damned apprentice, Vader. Both of them. It's not Jedi style to wish for the death of someone but in that particular situation, I guess I can be forgiven.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't notice the skyline of the spaceport appearing on the horizon. Short buildings, built underground with a domed roof, typical desert buildings, designed to be useful more than appealing.

It wasn't so different from Mos Espa in the end. Nightclubs were all open and they were full of soldiers that as soon as their shift finished ran away and found refuge in places like that. A sporadic traveler, merchants (some honest some not so much) but most of all bounty hunters and smugglers. They all sat lazily in front of the clubs, enjoying the cool air of the incoming night, a beer or stronger alcoholic drink in their hands, or worse, a death stick. Here and there you could spot women of doubtful reputation. Everything normal in the end.

I parked the speeder just outside the first houses and walked towards the center of the small city. It wasn't huge, but in the end it just needed a stocking area big enough for the Imperial ships and everyone would be fine with that. No one would ever live on Blenjeel, that was sure. And if you did, either you were desperate or were looking for some high risk business.

It was like being home again, just twenty years older and with a greater knowledge of languages. There was every kind of people in that city. Somehow, the audience of the Boonta Eve was boring!

I hastened my pace and followed the directions for the spaceport. I knew I could find something in that place, a small cargo, a single-seated ship...there was something, that was sure.

And if I was lucky enough, I could steal an Imperial cargo. If they had kept the design of the republican ones, they were made for long trips and were equipped with showers and bunks. And I needed both of them. A long shower and some hours of sleep.

The problem was that I had to steal it in first place, and I had to find the reserved zone of the spaceport to see what I had to deal with.

Finally I found it, in the eastern part of the city. It was a small building, with a high metallic fence enclosing it. I could see some ships stocked behind the fence. It didn't have too many security guards. It would be so easy to get in!

The fence was old and rusted. I found an existent hole and sneaked in, unnoticed.

Taking advantage of the darkness and the scarce light, I slowly sneaked in the administration offices through an open window. At that late hour, all the stocking operation had ceased and there was no one in there. There was a computer and and I had free access to it.

I used again the ID code of the clone I had killed and I entered into the system. It was still valid. Apparently, they hadn't discovered my escape yet.

I looked at the list and I found the ship I needed. Hangar 17, docking station 5.

It was time to leave that godforsaken place of the universe.

I got out of the office and walked down the long hallway that led to the various hangars of the port until I found hangar 17. And there I stopped.

There was someone inside, I could hear voices. I slowly opened the door and cautiously stepped in, aided by the shadow that engulfed most of the room.

Sitting at a small table there were four clones, probably the only security guards on duty, that relaxed there between a round and another, chatting, drinking and playing a sabaak match. One single light bulb lit the table, the rest of the hangar was dark. And that allowed me to listen.

They were chatting about orders when one of them, probably the head of the squad, received a text message on the comlink. He made a strange smirk while he read, a mix to stupor and annoyance, then he reattached the device to his belt.

"Now this is a first! Someone just committed suicide, down at the prison." he exclaimed, reaching for his cards.

Fantastic, my plan had worked better than what I had expected.

"Who?" asked another clone.

"100389. He made a rope out of his uniform and hanged himself to the plumbing." he replied, throwing a card on the table.

"Are you jocking, aren't you?" asked another one, his voice reduced to a whisper. His face was a must see! He looked like he had just seen a ghost. "Did you read the ID right?"

The chief nodded. "Sure I read it right! Do you think I'm that stupid?"

"No's just that...I worked at the prison for some time before they moved me here and that ID was assigned to Anakin Skywalker."

The thickest of silence fell in the room. "Anakin who?" asked the one I could not see.

"Anakin Skywalker. One of the most powerful Jedi of the Galaxy. He was one of my commanders for some time, years ago. It's strange to think that he's dead now!"

That clone was a veteran! I didn't think there were more of them left around. I kept on listening.

"Wait a sec, wasn't Anakin Skywalker the Jedi that tried to kill the Emperor, years ago?"

The veteran nodded. "Yep, that's him. He was in prison right for that crime. He should have remained in prison until death. I admit that when the news spread I couldn't believe it, then when they published the dynamics of the Jedi plan to overthrow the Republic I understood many things!"

"Such as?"

"Such as all Jedi are trash we need to delete from the Galaxy. We're here because they ordered that clone army, we fought a stupid war and it was their fault and now we have to chase them and guard them too. Sincerely, I would have preferred they stuck their idea of a clone army right where I say." replied the lieutenant angrily. "I preferred not to be born, with everything considered. And even if they would have released him, he wouldn't have make it far. Even with the Jedi Order still standing.

"Why?" asked another one.

"Because he violated practically every rule of their so called code. Sometime after his incarceration someone released the rumor he had been killed. After that the holonet released the news that they had many scoops about his life. I don't really know what's true and what's false, but the only certain thing is that he got married."

The other exchanged strange looks. "But the Jedi couldn't get married!"

"I know, but he did nonetheless. If they discovered him, he would have been expelled from the Order. Not to mention that he didn't just marry a commoner!"

"Ah, yeah now I remember! Didn't he marry that Senator...damn I can't remember the name! She's dead too, isn't she?"

The lieutenant nodded again. "Exactly. Soon after the declaration of the Empire. It seems she had a congenital heart defect. Things that happen...she was beautiful though...Somehow I understand him, she was definitely a beauty. If we had women like that here, everyone of us would always ask to come here after the end of the shift!"

Nice lie they had created! Obi-Wan was a genius, that's sure. The last sentence though...I didn't like it much.

"Sad story. Poor thing...I'd say that after his wife death and all those years in that least now he has found some peace!"

"Next time he'll be more careful. You can't try to kill the Emperor and hope you can get through it! Anyway, I fear there's something wrong..."

Oh come on! It was clear that someone could have suspects about the suicide thing, no plan is perfect but that clone was really getting on my nerves! I grabbed the hilt of my lightsaber and stood there some more minutes.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean he's a Jedi, and Jedi are capable of everything. I don't know, maybe he killed one of the guards and wore his uniform so he could get out! No one knows how you look like in there, if he managed to make him unrecognizable enough, they could take one face for the other without problems!"

He was smart, I have to admit it. "And do you remember that Jedi we looked everywhere for? The one that reduced Vader to a piece of coal?" the others nodded. "Well, he was Skywalker's Master! If the two of them manage to get back together, there will be troubles for us! You saw them in action, you can confirm!"

At that point I stood up and turned on my lightsaber. It was time to get out, and those four were only blocking me,

The hiss of my blade filled the room and they jolted in their chairs, then they stood themselves. They had left their blasters the Force knows where and it was incredibly easy to kill them. They didn't even had the chanche to realize there was someone behind them. Four blows and they were dead, without a breath. Very dead.

Killed by a dead is strange sometimes!

Anyway, I didn't stay there any second more. I found the hangar computer and opened the dome then I ran to the docking station. Yep, it was definitely a cargo ship Republican style, right what I needed. With that, its codes and its navicomputer, I could go pretty much everywhere.

I ran up the access ramp and pushed the button that closed it behind me. With that done, I found the cockpit and brought the system to a stand-by state, while I waited for the dome to be completely open. I heard the engine turn to life with a moan that soon became the low, normal hiss of every hyperdrive engine, a low whisper that signaled everything was fine. I checked the propeller. There was enough to get on Coruscant and return. I could go to Coruscant and then anywhere in the Galaxy without a refuel.

When the dome above me was completely open, I started maneuvering out of there. I brought the ship up. Still no one went looking for me. I was rather good in undercover operation!

I left Blenjeel behind me some minutes after. From the orbit I could see the other systems around there, with their suns and stuff. I inserted the coordinates and set the autopilot after I had jumped in hyperspace.

I had eight yours before I could arrive on Coruscant.

Over The Hills And Far Away - A Star Wars Fanfiction - Chapter 4

Summary: AU. Anakin discovers Sidious' plans and decides to twart him any way he can. That means being his prisoner. He asks Obi-Wan to take care of Padmè then swears he will find them. This is his journey through the galaxy and his soul to find his family.
Rating: Teen+ for some mild curising and some very mild references to sex.
Charachters: Anakin Skywalker. Padmè Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, Darth Sidious (mentioned), Luke Skywalker, Leia Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Many OCs.
Timeline: Empire Era. Starts in the middle of Episode III, goes AU from there on, jumps seven years ahead.

Chapter 4 - AwayCollapse )
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Over The Hills And Far Away - A Star Wars Fanfiction - Chapter 3

Summary: AU. Anakin discovers Sidious' plans and decides to twart him any way he can. That means being his prisoner. He asks Obi-Wan to take care of Padmè then swears he will find them. This is his journey through the galaxy and his soul to find his family.
Rating: Teen+ for some mild curising and some very mild references to sex.
Charachters: Anakin Skywalker. Padmè Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, Darth Sidious (mentioned), Luke Skywalker, Leia Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Many OCs.
Timeline: Empire Era. Starts in the middle of Episode III, goes AU from there on, jumps seven years ahead.

Chapters are getting longer now. Gonna post them under the "Read More" tag.

Chapter 3 - He Swears He Will Return One DayCollapse )

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Over The Hills And Far Away - A Star Wars Fanfiction - Chapter 2

Summary: AU. Anakin discovers Sidious' plans and decides to twart him any way he can. That means being his prisoner. He asks Obi-Wan to take care of Padmè then swears he will find them. This is his journey through the galaxy and his soul to find his family.
Rating: Teen+ for some mild curising and some very mild references to sex.
Charachters: Anakin Skywalker. Padmè Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, Darth Sidious (mentioned), Luke Skywalker, Leia Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Many OCs.
Timeline: Empire Era. Starts in the middle of Episode III, goes AU from there on, jumps seven years ahead.

                                                   Chapter 2 - Nemo

Well, it could be worse.

Even if they had kept me segregated in a maximum security prison for seven years, give or take some days, I still had a clear idea of who I was. I hadn't gone mad yet, let's make it easy.

I didn't know which planet the prison was built on. Probably it was one of the ways they ensured the prisoners couldn't escape or helped in the process. When I went in the Chancellor's, now Emperor's, office, I had been cuffed, blindfolded and without respect for manners or whatever, pushed on a military transport that brought me straight to my prison. It had been a rather long trip and while waiting silently in the back of the ship I heard the Clones talking. Many of them knew me, if not because they had served under me because I was a well known personality and they were rather impressed by the Chancellor's decision to lock me up and, well, throw away the key.

Not to mention the orders they had just received. They had been created to be submissive but they had a full functioning brain and they were asking questions. They just couldn't understand why I had been arrested if those who were out of the Chancellor's office had seen me getting out of it without a weapon. It looked like I hadn't even tried to hurt him.

I could have tried to kill him there and then but, in the state of mind I was in, totally confused and somehow hazed, I didn't have any hopes to get out of there alive. I tried to remain as passive and emotionless as I could while he pronounced the sentence that bound me to that cell for the rest of my life.

Life...yeah, as if I can call this life.

Once I was inside the building, they took the blindfold off. The place was dimly lit, dug in rocks and probably underground. There were no recognizable signs of its location that helped me getting at least the idea of which planet they had sent me to. The guards pushed me inside a cramped room and made me sit on chair before tying my ankles to the chair itself and linking the cuffs to another chain attached to the floor. They really didn't want to let me go!

I was interrogated by an unknown officer, a short, sturdy man. He was one of those viscid man with such an acute voice that can make your skin crawl in the same moment they speak a word. They asked me my personal details while they filled a form. After that they took a snapshot in case a capture order must have been released then they assigned me a number. From that moment on, for seven years, they called me using a number. 100389, 389 to make it short.

They gave me a gray, rough uniform then packed my personal effects while I ensured they sealed everything. Soon after that, every official record about me, demographic registries, military or civilian records were deleted. Anakin Skywalker didn't exist anymore. Fantastic!

Two clones escorted me down a long, dark hallway with two rows of cells opening along the walls. I could see the other prisoners peeking curiously out trying to figure out who had come to join them and some of them recognized me. I saw the amazement in their eyes and I felt a bit proud of that. I had lost my freedom, but not my pride, and they never managed to tear it away from me. Never.

They took away the cuffs and pushed me in the cell, then closed the door behind them.

Twenty-four hours closed in that cell, nothing else to do except rethinking about my life. The interior was made of raw stone, the spartan furnishing consisted in a steel bed and a carved shelf where three other uniforms rested with some things like a toothbrush, a tin cup and a pile of thick covers. There was a toilet and a sink in a corner too. That was my cell, my new home.

Not twenty-four hours had passed since the electronic key lock had been closed when I suddenly heard someone screaming. At first I thought it was a prisoner then I realized that scream came from my head. After that, the sound of blasters, other screams, ships exploding and lightsabers that turned off filled my head.

Order 66 had been given.

That was the echo of thousands of Jedi Knights that died under the fire of the Clones they considered allies just ten seconds before. It was a wide awake nightmare. I couldn't stand it. Each Jedi that died I felt the pain in my head getting worse and the sounds in my head got louder.

It was a terrible moment. I still barely can talk about it, after almost twenty five years...

Anyway, that was very first day of prison. The next one was even worse. At least from my very point of view.

For some long minutes I was connected with Vader, Sidious new apprentice. That was his name. It might be absurd, but I was laying down on my bed when suddenly I felt like I was being burned alive. Every inch of skin was on fire, my limbs felt as if they were being electrocuted. It was terrifying. I could feel his pain, I could experience what he was going through. I don't know who was the sadistic medic that was surveying that surgery but they were installing four artificial limbs and he was wide awake. What the fuck? I thought I was going to die when finally that connection broke down as fast as it had come.

It happened other times during the years. Not with that intensity, but as long as I was kept prisoner, sometimes I could feel his feelings and the discomfort brought by his life system suit, the pain where flesh and durasteel joined...when he was angry...stuff like that. I learned how to live with that, but it was annoying.

For days I wondered what the hell had happened then I heard two clones talking about it. Apparently, a rogue Jedi that had survived had confronted Vader on Mustafar and had defeated him, severing his arms and legs then leaving him burning near a river of magma on the mining planet.

Obi-Wan. I was sure that was his doing. Don't ask me how but as soon as I learned what had happened I was sure It was him. I just hoped he had made sure that Padmè was safe before chasing him, otherwise once I had managed to get out of there I would make him pay for that.

Still, I didn't know what the new Emperor had reserved for me. Well, I learned about that some days later.

Sidious' plan to make me turn to the Dark Side started one afternoon. Psychological tricks didn't work? Alright, it was time to pass to physical pain.

Really intense pain, I can assure you. Two or three times a month I was moved to another cell, tied and beat until I lost consciousness. I have scars to prove it. Probably they managed to break every bone of my skeleton, rip every ligament and slash so many wounds on my back to create a small geographical map. Sometimes the medic in charge had to intervene and stitch me closed. Fortunately I had a trusted ally by my side. The Force. I had never been too good at Force Healing like many of my friends were but I assure you that necessity makes your skills better and I learned how to do it, or at least I got good at mending bones or torn ligaments. The problem is that the same moment I got of prison, I unlearned what I had learned in that cell. I wasn't able anymore. Too bad, it could have been useful in the end.

That was my routine for seven years. And it wasn't even the worst thing.

That was when Vader came and took over the guards during the torture sessions. It didn't happen too often, maybe once or twice a year but still, when I felt his presence coming closer, I started trembling like mad. He was sadistic, he used most of all the Force to hurt me in ways the others couldn't even imagine.

And when they dragged my exhausted body to my cell, well, I had only one though in my mind.

My wife.

My own, personal, private angel.

She was everything that held me together. Without her, I would have gone crazy after six months or probably I would have fallen to the Dark Side. Sometimes I just laid there on the floor and thought about her. Every memory of her, of us together, worked as the best painkiller in the Galaxy.

She made me fall asleep, she gave me a reason to hold on and keep up and most of all she gave me a reason to keep my head right there where it was, stuck on my neck and not anywhere else.

And sometimes it felt like she was right there with me. Even if there was probably half a galaxy between us, I felt her soothing presence right there beside me and with everything that they did to me, I lived on the hope to have her again in my arms. Not to mention my son, or daughter.

I remember when he was born. I felt it through he Force. About a month after I had been arrested, I still could keep the track of time back then, I felt something change in the Force. Something really, really big, like an energy flux that burst out of nothing. Well, not out of nothing.

At that point I understood. My son, or my daughter, was born that day.

Suddenly, even if I hated that place, I was the happiest man in the Galaxy. I was a father and it was the best feeling of the universe.

Anyway, I had enough memories to hold on to.

But it wasn't easy. There were days that I felt fear gripping my stomach like a vicious hold that strangled me and there was memory that helped me. If felt Vader's heavy presence everywhere, the Force was continuously shaken and stirred, as if it was grieving the loss of so many Jedi. Not to mention that as years passed, the torture sessions got steadily worse and by the beginning of my seventh year of that special treatment I started fearing that one day or another they would have killed me.

I had to get out of there, one way or another, possibly on my own legs.

I had to do something, if not for myself, for my wife and for my son.

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Over The Hills And Far Away - A Star Wars Fanfiction - Chapter 1

Summary: AU. Anakin discovers Sidious' plans and decides to twart him any way he can. That means being his prisoner. He asks Obi-Wan to take care of Padmè then swears he will find them. This is his journey through the galaxy and his soul to find his family.
Rating: Teen+ for some mild curising and some very mild references to sex.
Charachters: Anakin Skywalker. Padmè Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, Darth Sidious (mentioned), Luke Skywalker, Leia Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Many OCs.
Timeline: Empire Era. Starts in the middle of Episode III, goes AU from there on, jumps seven years ahead.

Author Note:
I started writing this fanfic when I was 15. Now I'm 25. Took me a long time, I kind of rebooted it something like seven years after I started publishing it on FanFiction.Net and there are some inconsistencies here and there. Also, my grammar isn't exactly spotless, I'm not a native speaker and I tend to not notice typos and spelling mistakes. Please forgive me.

The story is complete. As it's its sequel. I'll update from time to time. Some may have already read it. I've been working on the series for nearly 10 years now. I'm just slow.

Also, Disclaimer: I don't own a single thing except the whole idea and some characters. Star Wars is property of Disney and it's better this way, or I'd hack my way through the canon to make a movie out of my fanfics. You're warned.

Author Note 2: There are references and actual mild visuals of torture, phycological abuse, depression, alcohol abuse and some gruesome physical injuries. It's not a fluffy story, at least not until the last few chapters. It's dark and twisty OK? You're warned.

Chapter 1 - End Of All Hope

The war was over, or at least so we thought. For the last three weeks, there hadn't been any battles; the Confederation had crumbled over itself once Dooku had died and they lacked his guide. We though we could start building again what had been destroyed by the war.

Everything had changed for the best, for the Galaxy as well as for me, when the Council had decided to grant me the grade of Jedi Master.

I couldn't believe it myself. It was like a thunder with a clean sky, that night when Obi-Wan called me and asked me to join him during one of the Counsil meetings. When Master Yoda confirmed it and they gave me that grade that I had been seeking for so long, well, everything changed. Suddenly, every doubt that was rooting in me about the Order vanished and my trust in them returned firmer than before. Not even Palpatine could destroy it anymore.

When I returned "home", Padmè's official residence, and announced her the news, well, you can't imagine how happy we both were. We had everything we wanted. She had the ending of the war, I had my new rank and we both had a baby on the way.

Things were going the best way possible. Too good to be true.

Just a day ago, things started going all wrong. The soldiers, by the Chancellor's, or Sidious I'd better say, started a meaningless hunt for the traitor, and killed everyone who Palpatine didn't like. The Lower Levels of Coruscant had become a sort of open morgue, with corpses piling up, because not only the real objective of the soldiers' hunt died, there were many civilians who died during gunfights. Too many. The worst part of it was the fact that the Jedi couldn't do anything to stop them. The Senate hadn't required our help, therefore, we were bound to watch and do nothing.

At that point, something clicked in my head and I discovered everything. The plan to destroy the Order, Palpatine's true nature, everything. I was assisting to one of those boring Senate meetings with Obi-Wan when I suddenly remembered something that Palpatine had told me, not two weeks before. The story of Darth Plagueis. He was a civilian, he wasn't trained in the ways of the Force, he shouldn't even know about the existence of the Sith, how could he know such a story? Probably not even the Jedi Master knew then how could he?

I burst up from my chair, probably scaring Obi-Wan and without a word I ran in his office, taking advantage of his absence to moderate the meeting.

I knew there was a list of secret orders that only the Clones and the Chancellor knew, and I was there to uncover them once and for all.

There were 150 orders in that list, most of them were normal war stuff but the Order 66 and its variant totally shocked me.

Order 66 – Operation Knightfall: Destroy every Jedi

Order 66.1 – Destroy every Jedi except Master Anakin Skywalker

I couldn't believe it. Suddenly, everything made sense. The special power, his reluctance to follow the Council advices, his obstructionism...everything! Palpatine wanted the supreme control over the Galaxy, but not only that! Palpatine wanted the annihilation of the Order, and no one except the Sith could want anything like that. Which meant that...

I collapsed on the Chancellor's chair, desperately seeking a reason to all this madness. I had discovered the true identity of the man we served for thirteen years straight, like blind people follow the man with one eye. For thirteen years we spent every ounce of energy we had looking for Darth Sidious and for all this time we served him reverently. Shit!

We had all been blind, everyone of us, at the point that we couldn't really see anything anymore. The shroud the Dark Side had created was too thick. I had been blind too, considering that for thirteen years I let Palpatine guide my steps more than my own master.

For so many years I let him made machinations over machinations, I gave him enough room to instil the doubt in me, I let him tell me that I was wasted as long as I continued relying on the Council and the Jedi Order, that my talent was held back because they feared me. And during these years, corpses piled up in the Galaxy in a meaningless war, created only to crush the Order.

Not to mention the fact that more than once I had been tempted by the Dark Side of the Force, and it was his fault. I had almost jumped in his trap with both my boots, a trap he had started weaving when I was a kid.

What an idiot...

I had to warn someone. But most of all I had to save Padmè, that was my priority. Order 66.1 was a variation of the original just in case I didn't turn to the Dark Side, I knew it, considering that it was inserted in the list the same day I had been made a Master. Fortunately, I didn't fall. That meant only one thing: she was in danger. In my heard I knew Sidious was well aware of my marriage, even if I hadn't told him. His words, that night at the opera house, they were clear enough. I couldn't allow anyone to hurt her. Even if right after I had been named a Master my nightmares had disappeared, I knew that if something went wrong, they would look for her and hurt her.

I sent a quick message to Obi-Wan, telling him I needed to talk to him in the Council room then downloaded the data from that computer, deleted my traces then ran to the Temple as fast as I could.

I stayed there for I don't know how long, sitting in my chair, thinking and brooding over what was going on and what had happened during the years. Outside night was falling and thick, rainy clouds were gathering on the horizon line, almost mirroring my character in that moment.

As time passed, light dimmed in the room and before my Master arrived, I was bathing in deep darkness. I didn't turn on the light, because the darkness helped me thinking more clearly.

After an endless hour, finally Obi-Wan arrived. I heard his steps outside the door, but I could feel he was approaching through the Force since the moment he had set foot in the Temple. Suddenly I felt a little better, even if I was about to drop a huge bomb. The knowledge he actually suspected something didn't ease the dreadful feeling of betrayal but at least I knew I could trust him. I stood up and walked towards one of the windows. I sought some comfort in the thick darkness spotted with the lights of speeders and ships, a never ending show on that planet.

"Is there something wrong, Anakin?" he asked, slowly and calm, as ever. He didn't even greeted me. I knew he had sensed something was very wrong.

I looked down and in the chaos of the trafficked highways and streets I found a sort of scheme, as twisted as Sidious' one.

"Yes Master, something's wrong." I said, still looking outside the window. I fished in one of my pockets and threw him the datapad with the list of orders I had downloaded an hour before. "When I ran away from the Senate I went in the Chancellor's office and I found this.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Look at Order 66 and the following one." I said. I didn't have the courage to tell him myself.

Only then I turned around and looked at him, straight in his eyes. When our gazes met soon after he had read those two lines, I read on his face the same disbelief and fear I had felt when I had read them myself.

"What the hell is he thinking?"

"Master, Palpatine...he's the Sith we've been looking for all these years. He's Darth Sidious." my voice was trembling.

"But why killing everyone except you?" I didn't understand if he was more worried about the fate of the Order or about me.

"Because for the last thirteen years he spent half of his time trying to drag me to his side. His friendship was fake, he only wanted to use me as his pawn, bring me to the Dark Side and I fear he's not ready to let me go so easily, even if he has a new apprentice." I was marveled by my own self control and coolness in that very moment.

"Who's this apprentice?" he asked after a moment.

"Do you remember six years ago, in the Outer Rim, Master Draghil's Padawan disappeared? Aster Landman?" I asked.

"Yes..." he paused for a moment. "I remember when it happened but I don't remember him. Wasn't he a friend of yours?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "Well, I wouldn't define him a friend. Aster has always been a rather...mute type. He preferred concentrating on his training than making friends. Anyway, I think it's him. I read his name in Sidious' files rather often."

Obi-Wan glanced outside, out of the window behind me, frowning. I heard him drawing a long, deep sigh.

"Right. All we have to do is fight him and replace that bastard. It's not a hard work."

His response was puzzling. I never heard him offend someone, but I could understand him. Many Jedi died during the war. And many of them were too young to die, according to him. Many of them were our friends, and his reaction was understandable.

A long, thick silence fell in the room. He had to draw the words out of me with a wrench, i

"But there's more, isn't it?" he asked, as he saw the look on my face.

I turned again to the windowpane.

I was so tired that I didn't know how I could still be on my feet. I felt my legs buckle as I though about Padmè. She was everything to me.

"What is it, Anakin? Something troubles you, I can feel it." he asked.

I nodded, not trusting my own voice. I was tired, I couldn't stand that torment anymore. It was tearing me apart. I could barely stand up straight as I though about Padmè and what they could do in order to make me falter again and turn to the Dark side. Not to mention that at least for a period of her life she had put her life in Palpatine's hands and she had trusted him with her life, knowing his true identity would have destroyed her.

Power play. That was a huge power play and we were the pawns on the table. They wanted to destroy us. But I could stand the thought that I could die, I was a warrior in the end, I had grown accustomed to the idea of dying but not her. If they hurt her, I would not not respond of my actions.


"Senator Amidala," I said coldly, but inside I was burning with fear, tension and love.

"What about her?" he asked, his tone betrayed him. He knew.

"Take her away please, far from here. Hide her someways. Go to my brother's, on Tatooine. I doubt they'll look for her there. Palpatine will surely discover that I've been in his office and I know about Order 66, he'll find a way to make me pay for that, he'll destroy the Order. Probably he'll make up the story that I tried to kill him and will have me arrested, so that he can control me. I don't want Padmè to be involved in this. She must stay out of this." I was losing my temper. The knowledge of what was about to happen and the fact that I could do nothing to stop it made me sick.

"At least tell me why!"

It was almost too much. I closed my eyes, I tried to calm down, I took some incredibly painful breaths and then spoke. "Because she's my wife, Master. I married her almost three years ago and...and because she's pregnant! And I don't want her to be hurt. That's why!"

Their lives depended on me. I had to do something, and if that something was trusting their lives in Obi-Wan's hands while I gave into Palpatine's plan and tried to stay alive long enough, well, I would have done it. I wasn't afraid to die, but I couldn't afford to lose her. "Take her away please..." I was almost crying.

"No way. I won't do it Anakin, she's your wife, that's your child, I can't. You have to take care of them, not me!" what he said, the way he said it and the resolution of his words gave me the final certainty he knew all along that my relationship with her wasn't simple friendship. He wasn't even angry or disappointed. "You can't abandon them!"

"I'm not abandoning her. I'm saving her life. Something big is coming, I can feel it in the Force, and it's not only the Order 66. I'm sure of that, as I know that Palpatine won't kill me, at least not now. But he could use her as a leverage to make me turn. And he will hurt her to do that. I can't allow him to do anything to her. Keep her hidden, make sure she's fine. If I did it, every single trooper, bounty hunter and crime lord of the Galaxy would come look for us, but you can do something about it. You can pretend you're dead, make up something I don't know I can't think straight now. Just, please, do it. I can take care of myself and I swear that a way or another I'll find you. I don't know how long will it take but I'll find you." finally I turned and faced him. "Please, go. GO NOW!"

Then, he went. Not a word, not a nod. It was the last time I saw him for the next eight years.

I turned again to the window and vented out all the rage that was piling up in me against the trasparasteel pane. Thank the Force I did it with my right hand, because large cracks formed from the spot I had hit and it takes a lot to crack that material.

Finally calmer, I wore my cloak, pulled up the hood and made way to Palpatine's office.

I would confront him, one way or another.

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